A video about work Liz is doing with Nicaragua Pueblo Project


About Liz Johndrow

I have always enjoyed living in spaces that bring me in touch with my natural surroundings. As a builder, I was thrilled to discover I could bring that contact deeper into my home experience through my choice of building materials. Since that discovery, I have been passionately exploring the world of cob, strawbale, adobe, earthbag, earthen and lime plasters, earthen floor systems, and timber framing. I find it most exciting that the simplicity of many of these systems and materials often allow for people of all ages and abilities to participate. The past few years have taken me further into the role of teacher, facilitator, and instructor and I am increasingly passionate in helping others learn these skills so they in turn can share their vision of beautiful, sustainable, and socially just structures. My more recent seasonal work of the past several years in Nicaragua, with the women and youth in the northern pueblos, has been my most challenging, educational, and rewarding work thus far.

“I recently met Liz while she was facilitating at NBX 2011 in Asheville. I was impressed and amazed by her vast knowledge of so many natural building techniques and her work experience. Liz was an absolute joy to work with; I plan to collaborate with her on future projects and use her as a mentor as I grow within my own career.” — April Magill, Architect, SC

“I had a wonderful experience participating in a workshop lead by Liz. Her knowledge, years of experience and warmth made for a positive learning environment. She was great at getting everyone comfortable and involved. Liz was also very helpful in giving advice to individual students on building techniques in various locations and climates. I would like to take another workshop with her and continuing learning!” — Catherine, Adjunct Professor and Doctoral Student in International Relations


Please consider donating to The Pueblo Project and helping women and youth in northern Nicaragua to learn hands on skills and improve their existing living conditions with safer and healthier housing. Your donation directly supports the transference of natural building skills to the people of the pueblo.

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