Projects in 2016

I spend a good part of the year in Central America and I also look forward to my time in the states to work with some great collaborators! From April – Oct I had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects. Here they are for 2016.

In early April, I flew to Homer, Alaska and led a crew in lime plastering and a tadelakt birthing tub for a gorgeous and inspired birthing center.


Brigit working on the tadelakt


the tadelakt starting to shine!


the finished tub and soaped yellow lime plaster on the walls. A local artist did the amazing waterfall sculpture.


Blue lime plaster in the bathroom


Blue lime plaster bathroom


Lime plaster in the kitchen to match the clay plaster and concrete countertop.



In May I worked with Vermont Natural Homes on some finish lime plasters and an earthen floor for two existing straw bale structures.


applying local sand and clay over clay slipped burlap on an existing concrete floor.

Image result for vermont natural homes

the finished earthen floor



applying a limewash to our finish lime plaster in the studio barn

Image result for vermont natural homes

exterior lime finish plaster


Image result for vermont natural homes

exterior lime plaster


















In June, a client wanted two cinder block chimneys covered with a lime plaster.

In July there was a tadelakt shower with Vermont Natural Homes. 


applying the lime basecoat shower.


stoning the niche

the nearly finished shower



this is a tadelakt sample we did that matched the Vermont slate very well!



applying the fresco

In Sept. I ventured out to Portland, Oregon for a tadelakt project. A group of women plasterers and the clients learned tadelakt and we did a complete shower space and a wall and counters in the kitchen. 


the client learning and working in the shower area with blue fresco tadelakt


kitchen area


One last project before leaving for Central America for the season was a  tadelakt sauna and shower at Quail Springs Permaculture in southern California. I worked with a team of experienced and beginner plasterers who all wanted to learn the art of tadelakt. 


two toned in two parts shower


the bottle window


students checking out their work


details on the shower
















And now I am in Guatemala and Nicaragua for several months of teaching and building until April 2107.  You can keep up with me and my projects there on Facebook at Earthen Endeavors Natural Building and Nicaragua Pueblo Project.  Also, check out The Pueblo Project.


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