Nicaragua Pueblo Project

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women participate in a two week natural building workshop

women participate in a two week natural building workshop

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Our Mission:

to provide housing through the transfer of technical skills necessary to build houses that are safer and bio-climatic, built with accessible and local materials available in each community. These ecological constructions will further benefit women and youth through hands-on education. 

Our Guiding Principle:

Integrating respect of culture while encouraging positive advancement of community skills through hands on education.

Our Goal:

to increase the use of earth and natural building techniques- (i.e. improved adobe) for cost-effective sustainability, hands-on educational opportunities, and as a vehicle for reclaiming and modernizing traditional building skills. 

Our Objectives_are to support and contribute to:

-sharing of introductory skills to a multi disciplinary and socially diverse group.

-the facilitation of intercultural exchange (e.g., generational, between countries, with varieties of experience, etc.) in order to broaden the scope of learning and expand reach and impact. 

-the transference of technical skills and hands-on learning, along with education of environmental effects of building practices.

-the services of complementary organizations with similar visions and values in local, and in particular, rural communities. Local complementary groups will identify needs and request services.  

-opportunities for current builders, students of architecture, internal and foreign volunteers, and other interested parties in order to influence the direction of natural building with greater consistency, unity and support

Our main action is to collaborate with organizations directly on the ground and that have identified communities needs.

Recent Projects in Northern Nicaragua

Liz Johndrow of Earthen Endeavors has collaborated with Grupo Fenix, Las Mujeres Solares, La Montana Solar, and Las Mujeres Constructoras to bring natural building workshops and projects to the region over the last two years. These workshops have allowed local people to attend and learn many new skills and techniques with age old materials and concepts. They have invited people from other countries to attend and share in the local culture. And each workshop has given the various groups a community-oriented building for building a future of educational access for the people of the pueblo. Click here to read blogposts about the projects and Liz’s growing work in Nicaragua.

How You Can Help!

We are investing in human potential and the work we do is supported by private donations. You could help make this project grow! Any amount is welcome, as this is a very poor region in need of support to move forward in creating resiliency in their communities. A donation of $500 could reach a whole rural community in receiving training and manuals in seismically sound adobe practices or train four women in youth to pass on the skills of earthen plastering and earthen floors. Please consider being part of this exciting and heartwarming work. We are happy to share our budget for the coming year with you upon request. Consider joining our advisory board and helping our program grow. Please feel free to contact us and thank you!

To find out more click here to visit: The Nicaragua Pueblo Project Website!

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