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 Artesano Plaster

 Specializing in Tadelakt. Custom lime and earthen finishes. Local materials. Traditional craftsmanship. Consulting.

Atitlán Organics Permaculture

    Located in the small Mayan village on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Our farm is host to an enormous amount of diversity, including dairy goats, pigs, chickens, vegetables, coffee, bees, and well over 200 useful plant species. Over the past few years, the farm has also begun to host various human activities. We now offer Permaculture Courses almost every month, as well as Natural Building Courses and Permaculture Apprenticeships. We are proud to provide healthy food to our families, friends, community, and international visitors, all while we regenerate the land that sustains us.

Build Like A Bird Natural Building

 Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center

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Rancho Mastatal is an education center, working permaculture farm, lodge and community rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods, and caring relationships. Located in the rural farming town of Mastatal, situated on the edge of the last remaining virgin rainforest of Costa Rica’s beautiful Puriscal County.

Return to the Forest Natural Building

Bamboo Cabin Build @ RTF Guatemala

The Natural Building School was founded in 2008 and has been hosting a variety of popular courses on Natural Building, Permaculture/Forest Gardening, and Appropriate Technologies. Return to the Forest strives to educate the world on sustainable building practices to complement the global movement in ecological living. Connecting participants with Mayan building experts, the school also holds space for sharing and applying indigenous knowledge to natural building.

Vermont Natural Homes

Vermont Natural Homes specializes in crafting high-performance buildings using natural and non-toxic materials. Our buildings are designed for efficiency and durability, and are built prioritizing the use of locally sourced materials. We apply our knowledge of building science to natural building methods in order to create buildings that are beautiful, sustainable and healthy for the environment as well as for those who live and work within.